In this edition of RSM Reporting (Issue 19):

- Our experts in... Chile

Luis Landa Tobar talks about the adoption of ifrs across latin america

- Hans hoogervost

Chairman of the IASB, discusses leadership and change in the iasb

- Ten questions, ten answers

Joelle Moughanni answers questions on the new hedge accounting model

- RSM in the industry

We made our voice heard on: the conceptual framework for financial reporting


In this edition of RSM Reporting(Issue 18):

-Professor Richard Green, leading energy expert, discusses the Environmental Reporting Guidelines and the role and challenges of the accounting profession.

-Highlights & moving forward into 2014

Joelle Moughanni on IFRS key considerations for closing out 2013

-RSM in the industry

We focused on how to account for open foreign exchange contracts at year end, we commented on leases exposure draft


In this edition of RSM Reporting(Issue 17):
- Karen Sanderson (Guest Contributor, Deputy Director, Government Financial Reporting at HM Treasury) shares her views on the whole of government accounts - a new frontier of accounting
- Gil Rosenstock (RSM Shiff, Hazenfratz & Co) and Shlomi Shuv (IFRS Consultant) examine investment property - issues in practice 
- Joelle Moughanni (RSM Executive Office) comments on the newly proposed leases model in ten questions-and-answers

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