RSM Transparency Report 2013

Since the 1960s, RSM International has been engaged in a relentless pursuit of providing high quality assurance services and serving the public interest; a franchise granted to our profession by the stakeholders we serve and one that we cherish and respect deeply. although an international network of independent professional accounting firms, RSM and its member firms stand in unity and share our belief that quality is the absolute cornerstone for . this 2013 RSM global transparency report is our statement to the public we serve regarding our unswerving commitment to continually strive to enhance audit quality.

For the most recent year, our combined global revenues exceeded us$3.9bn with over 32,000 member and correspondent firm personnel operating in over 700 offices located in over 100 countries worldwide. Assurance services comprised approximately 50% of our total revenue or us$1.9 billion. While RSM continues to grow, it is our commitment that growth will never be at the expense of quality.

The past couple of years have been an interesting time for providers of assurance services. beginning with the recent financial crises, the stakeholders whom we serve have rightfully demanded increases in auditor independence, objectivity and more transparency in the audit process. international standard setters, legislators and regulatory bodies have responded with proposals that will serve to reshape the future of our profession. we at RSM fully support efforts to enhance audit quality whether through measures addressing the competitive balance in our profession or through proposed new models of auditor reporting to add transparency into the audit process. we fully support measures aimed at enhancing our ability to serve the public interest.

So, on behalf of the more than 32,500 personnel of RSM member and correspondent firms, it is our pleasure to share with our stakeholders the RSM vision, mission, values, tone at the top, organisational structure, policies, procedures, tools and protocols as described in this transparency report; all of which demonstrate our absolute commitment to quality. an organisation can be nothing more than the individual people of which it is comprised and that is certainly true of RSM. as such, we thank each and every RSM member firm partner and employee for their dedication to living the RSM vision and values and their absolute commitment to serving the public with integrity and the highest degree of quality.

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RSM IFRS Services brochure


This is a five page brochure, aimed at an external audience, highlighting RSM's IFRS service provisions. 

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This concise brochure outlines rsm's capabilities in serving family owned businesses. it has been written with an external audience in mind. download here or contact the executive office for print files.

Updated october 2012.

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