On August 23rd, 2017, “Crowe Horwath International China Desk Inaugural Meeting” kicked off at Beijing New World Hotel. More than 70 delegates, including Partners and China Desk Representatives from over 20 countries/regions, Partners and Management Committee (“MC”) members of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants (“Ruihua”), attended the meeting. Mr. Jiantao Yang, Co-Chairman of Crowe Horwath International and Principal Partner of Ruihua, Mr. Kuang Hui Tan, Board member of Crowe Horwath International and Managing Partner of Crowe Horwath Singapore member firm, Mrs. Wai Ling Mok, Board member of Crowe Horwath International and Managing Partner of Crowe Horwath Malaysia member firm, Mr. David Mellor, Board member of Crowe Horwath International and Managing Partner of Crowe Clark Whitehill, Mr. Kamel Abouchacra, COO of Crowe Horwath International, Mr. Yuen Lok Mok, Asia Pacific Regional Executive of Crowe Horwath International, Mr. Dian Jiao and Mr. Zhong Feng, MC members of Ruihua, attended the meeting.


In the morning of August 23rd, Mr. Yuen Lok Mok addressed the opening speech. On behalf of Ruihua and Crowe Horwath International, Mr. Jiantao Yang introduced the background of the global network’s “China Desks” Initiative and expectation for future development. Later on, member firm representatives from more than 20 countries gave brief introduction to countries on the prospect of clientele, industry specializations, Chinese investment experience etc. At last Mr. Jeremiah Jenne, a writer and historian who has lived in Beijing for 15 years, delivered a keynote speech on "How China’s History and Culture Influences its Business Decisions Today”.


In the afternoon of August 23rd, in order to facilitate and promote the Belt and Road initiative, strengthen international business cooperation, and better serve Chinese enterprises going abroad, Crowe Horwath International, Ruihua, and Beijing New Economic Organization Party Building Research Association successfully co-hosted the “Belt and Road International Summit for Professional Cooperation”. Mr. Guilun Song, Secretary-General of Social Committee under Beijing municipal government and Director of Beijing Social Building Office, attended the meeting and delivered speech. Mr. Jiantao Yang chaired the summit and delivered welcome speech. The event was attended by 120 delegates, including Crowe Horwath International China Desk Inaugural Meeting delegates, Directors from more than 30 new economic organizations in Beijing, clients invited by Ruihua, and Ruihua Partners.


In the welcome speech, Mr. Jiantao Yang pointed out that after the Belt and Road initiatives were proposed 4 years ago, China has signed cooperation agreement with 69 countries and international organizations to build Belt and Road collaboratively, and carried out capacity cooperation mechanism with more than 30 countries. Chinese enterprises built 56 economic and trade cooperation zones in more than 20 “Belt and Road” countries with a total investment of over 50 billion US dollars. At the same time, China has signed education cooperation agreements with more than 60 countries to create a "healthy Silk Road" together with the World Health Organization. State Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank issued loans with more than 110 billion US dollars in the "Belt and Road” countries. China has signed currency swap agreements with 22 “Belt and Road” countries and regions, totaling nearly 1 trillion yuan.


Mr. Jiantao Yang stated that, behind those dazzling figures, there is a mutual-sharing platform based on which information, fund and goods are in the flow, trust and cooperation are strengthened. More and more Chinese enterprises have stepped out from the country to seek opportunities, and at the same time, a large amount of Chinese enterprises with great potential are waiting for the right time. Therefore, in order to respond positively to the Belt and Road”Initiatives and follow the lead of the new economic organization’s expectations to grow and develop abroad, committing to solve the financial and legal risks and difficulties the business might face when go abroad, Ruihua co-sponsored “the Belt and Road Professional Service International Summit” with Crowe Horwath International and Beijing New Economy Organization Party Building Research Institute.


On the basis of integrating multiple professional resources, the summit is responding to the Belt and Road initiatives, following the lead of the new economic organization’s expectations to grow and develop abroad. With commitment to solve the accounting, legal risks and difficulties the business might face when go abroad, the summit is aim to boost Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the Belt and Road Initiatives.


Mr. Guilun Song pointed out in his speech that the Belt and Road initiatives proposed by the President Xi has been actively respected and enthusiastically supported both domestically and overseas, because we have a profound understanding that we should think globally in today's economic environment; on the road of socialist modernization development, China cannot accomplish anything without the world’s support, the world cannot be separated from China as well; we profoundly realize that in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we need to further expand the opening up, learning from each other and seeking common points while reserving the difference during the competition with other countries; we should jointly develop with the rest of the world. Last but not least we deeply understand that after 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s development have faced another rare historical opportunity and should undertake a significant historical responsibility. China has become an important force to boost economic globalization. As a result, socialist with Chinese characteristics should stay competitive and further extend influence in the globalization of world economy.


Ms. Wei Zhang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, gave a lecture on "The Belt and Road Initiative: Strategy, Challenge and Risk". Ms. Hua Han, Executive Director of Silk Road Cities Alliance & Researcher of Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China shared the Silk Road Cities Alliance’s insights and Action. Later on, Mr. Kamel Abouchacra updated the “China Desks” Action and Plan - what Crowe Horwath International do to follow the Belt and Road Initiative. Then Mr. Charles Chan, Chairman and CEO of Crowe Horwath Hong Kong member firm, introduced the Hong Kong Capital Market. At last, Mr. Benny Shao, International Liaison Partner of Crowe Horwath Taiwan member firm, briefed on the recent developments of Crowe Horwath in Taiwan.


Mr. Lianqi Zhang, CPPCC Member and MC Member of Ruihua, moderated a panel discussion on “Chinese Enterprises Going Abroad: The Countermeasures and Case Study”. Panelists include: Mr. Fan Zhu, Audit Department Director of Sinotrans &CSC Holdings, Mr. Jianfeng Cai, Professor of Xiamen National Accounting Institute and Director, Research Center for the Belt & Road Financial and Economic Development, Mr. Zhenjing Zhan, Party Committee Secretary of Foton Cummins, Mr. Zhixiang Sun, Vice President of JD Group, Mr. Dadi Guo, Deputy Secretary of JCHX Mining Management, Mr. Yangchew Ooi, Managing Director of Crowe Horwath Risk Consulting (Beijing) Limited.


In the morning of August 24th, Crowe Horwath International China Desk Inaugural Meeting continued and explored the topics of branding strategy and cross border cooperation. Mrs. Veronica Vicente, Global Director of Brand and Technology, presented on “Crowe Horwath Brand Initiatives and Importance of Branded Cross Border work”, and introduced the online resources such as referral tool and GEN. Later, on behalf of Ruihua International Liaison Department, Ms. Olivia Liu, International Liaison Officer of Ruihua, made a presentation on the common issues met in international business and solutions, including existing resources of our network, current status of China Desks and future operation plan. At last, delegates had open dialogue on how to effectively promote the China Desks and proactively generate business flow for China Desks, as well as feedback and action plan development on client service and experience sharing.


On the afternoon of August 24th and August 25th, outdoor social activities have been organized to stimulate friendship among delegates.


Mrs. Peizhen Yang, Mr. Qijian Wan, and Mr. Liping Yi, Senior Partners of Ruihua, Mr. Jun Yang, General Manager of the Beijing 9th Audit Department of Ruihua, Mrs. Helen Wang and Mr. Kevin Wang, Partners of Ruihua, Mr. Yangchew Ooi, Managing Director of Crowe Horwath Risk Consulting (Beijing) Limited, Ms. Susan Yang and Mr. Klaus Chen, Assistants to Managing Director of Crowe Horwath Risk Consulting (Beijing) Limited, attend the meeting and had pleasant interaction with the delegates. 



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